Newsletter 12/13/18

Dear families,

The holidays are quickly approaching – only 1 more week of school before Christmas break.
1.  Next Friday, Dec 21st, is a noon dismissal.  There is no lunch that day.   We will have normal classes for 2 periods.  After snack, we will enjoy the finals of the SMS Geography Bee and the cast list for our spring musical, Tarzan, will be announced.  Please pick up your students promptly at noon.
2.  All high school transcripts and teacher recommendations will be mailed next week.  Make sure you complete your part of the high school applications and financial aid applications.
Have a wonderful day!

Newsletter 10/21/18

Good evening parents!
It has been a long week.  In case your students haven’t told you, I was out of school last week.  I had a death in the family and had to fly to Texas for the first part of the week.   Then, on Thursday and Friday, I was in Whistler for my annual Math conference where I could network with other Math teachers and learn about new and best practices in teaching Math.
Since I have not been at school, I haven’t seen the latest school newsletter.  I will scan it tomorrow and send it out in case it didn’t make it home.

Notes for the next couple weeks.
1.  ITBS – This is the week we are doing the standardized testing for the year.  By doing it early in the year, we can use the results to help guide instruction and make plans for the rest of the year.
Here is what you can do:  Make sure your child
   – Gets a good night sleep.
   – Eats a good breakfast.
   – Has a couple of #2 pencils.
   – Brings a calculator for Tuesday
   – Brings a book to read
Homework will be light this week since we want students to get a good night sleep.
2.  Halloween Party
   Wednesday, Oct 31 at 1:15 pm.  Students  can change into their costume at the party.  They cannot wear their costume the entire day.  Watch for a Sign Up Genius from the parent party planners.
3.  It is time to get those transcript requests and teacher recommendation forms to us if you haven’t already.  They are due by Friday, November 16 at St. Madeleine.  You can drop off in the office or at my room.
Have a good evening!

Newsletter – October 4, 2018

Dear Families,

I hope October is finding you and your family well.  I am enjoying these last few days of beautiful sun.  I am sure the rain will catch up to us quickly.
1.  Tonight is one of the Catholic high school information nights at Sacred Heart in Bellevue.  The evening runs from 7 pm – 9 pm.
2.  Many of your students are enjoying their days visiting the high schools.  If you have not registered your student yet, please do so as soon as possible.  The dates fill up quickly.
3.  It is time to check and register for high school entrance exams.  Check the enclosed HS Admission grid to see which test is needed for the schools that your student is applying for.  Many of the school accept the same test.  You only need to take it once but have the scores sent to all the schools that require it.  If you have questions about which test to register for, let me know.
4.  We are sending 5 students to the Seattle Prep Math games at the end of this month.  On Oct 27th from 1-4 pm, I will be cheering on these students.   I will send more info out to those families as the day gets closer.
5.  No school on Friday, Oct 12!  Enjoy the long weekend.
Take care,

Newsletter 9/21/18

Dear families,

It is the end of a very busy week.  Today was a great day for a field trip.  We had beautiful weather and the students did wonderfully!  All of them listened well, cooperated and helped each other and worked hard to meet their personal goals.  You should be proud of them.  I know that I am proud of them!
Notes for the week:
1.  Thanks to all who have given me dates that students will be visiting high schools.
2.  Keep in mind the general HS info session coming up on Thursday, Oct 4 at Sacred Heart in Bellevue.  There are few others sessions in other areas.  You can find that info here:
3.  Math Games – Each year Seattle Prep hosts a competition for 8th graders.  It is held this year on Saturday, Oct 27th from 1-4 pm.   If we have at least 3 students interested, I am happy to host a team (or two).   Let me know if you student is interested.
4.  Note from Mrs. Patterson:
Hello families!

If you are looking to chaperone a school field trip, be a CYO coach, or volunteer on campus you need to have an up-to-date background check and complete the Archdiocese Safe Environment training. We know it is not convenient to get to these trainings, however, our Parish will be holding two trainings this fall to try and make it easy on you!
Tuesday, October 2nd at 6pm
Wednesday, October 3rd at 10am
Attached is the instructions to go online and sign up for the class.  The portal to manage your background checks and keep your Safe Environment updated is called VIRTUS. YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE or the Diocese will have no way to track who has completed the training.
PLEASE NOTE: People need to take the live training only once, then every three years you will do an online refresher. The background check is done at the same time as the live training and is renewed at the same time as the refreshers that are taken every three years.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Newsletter 9/13/18

Good afternoon families.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you tonight at Back to School Night.  It begins at 6 p.m. in the church.  After the general presentation, the middle school team will be in the Koinonia Room with a more specific presentation geared toward middle school students and families.
Thank you to everyone who has already booked shadow days at the local Catholic high schools.  I really appreciate knowing what days your student will be attending these.  Please remember to avoid the week of Oct 22 as we will be doing the IOWA testing that week.
School individuals photos are next Tuesday.  An order form went home in the Thursday packet last week.  If you need another, there are spares in the office.  Tuesday will be a non-uniform day due to pictures.  Normal rules apply.  See the handbook for details.
Our field trip is coming up next week on Friday, September 21.  Your child will need a sack lunch and needs to dress appropriately for the weather.   Uniforms not needed on that day.
Have a great weekend and I hope to see many of you tonight!

Newsletter 9/6/18

Good afternoon parents!  I hope you had a good week.

We have had a great start to the school year.  The students seemed to be settling into the new routines and rooms.  Before you know it, graduation will be here!
Thursday packets from the office come home today.  I am enclosing a digital copy in case yours get lost on the way.
1.  Field Trip:  Ropes Course on Friday, Sept 21.  I am still missing some permission slips at this point.   We really need to get those collected as soon as possible.  I have sent an extra copy home if your child is missing it.  We also need drivers for this field trip.  In order to drive, you need to have a driver form on file with the office.  You also need to have completed Safe Environment training with the archdiocese.  I can check on both those requirements if you want to drive.  So far, John and Chelsea’s families have offered to drive.
2.  Technology Agreement:  These are due on Friday, Sept 7.  I am still missing some of these.  I have sent an extra copy home if your child is missing it.  In order to start using technology at school, we need to have these on file.
3.  Move A Thon:  8th grade parents are the champions for this event.  You will receive an email from the Parents Club with the link to the volunteer sign up in a couple weeks..  Please sign up to help or to send in fruit.
In addition, we are looking for monatary donations from each family.  Information went out in the August mailing and in the newsletter.  We are really looking for 100% participation in this event.
4.  Uniform Guidelines:  Most students are doing a great job with our uniform.  There are a few small clarifications from the dress code last year.  Please watch for the correct SOLID color of socks (red, blue, black or white).   In addition, leggings can be worn under shorts or skirts but not on their own.  As a reminder, boots are not allowed until after Nov. 1.  As your child grows, check out the uniform exchange for appropriately sized clothes.
Full uniform information is in the school handbook or on the website at
5.  High School: It might seem to be an overwhelming progress as we transition your children to high school but I am here to walk you through the process.  Each month, we will highlight the steps to take on this journey.
A.   Shadow days:   As soon as possible, go to the high school websites and sign your student up to shadow a student for a day.  They are given an excused absence from school here to attend these days.  These spots go fast so do it this week!!  We ask that you try to not schedule more than one per week.  If you have registered your student to do a high school visit, please let me know the dates.   Try to avoid Oct 22-26 as we will be taking the ITBS that week.
B.  There is a regional Catholic high school information night on the eastside is Wednesday, October 4 at 7 pm at Sacred Heart in Bellevue.   If you can’t make it either of those nights, there are other nights available around the region:
C. Open Houses:  Each of the high schools has open houses scheduled.  Go and visit the schools, talk to students and teachers and get a feel for the uniqueness of each place.  Open house dates are listed here:
You can find more information on their individual websites.  Links to all these are here:
D.  Paperwork:  I sent home 2 papers Tuesday about these items.  The first is a flyer about the HS Information Nights.  The reverse has a great summary of testing, fees and deadlines for each school.  I also sent home a planning guide for families to keep track of their progress.  I would love for families to bring that form back to conferences in November to discuss.
Have a great week!!

Math F2 Homework – Week of June 11-15

Assigned Friday, June 8 ……. Due Monday, June 11

Play Ball Worksheet

Assigned Monday, June 11 ……. Due Wednesday, June 12

Adding and subtracting integers worksheet

Assigned Thursday, June 14 ……. Due Friday, September 7

Returning students:  Summer Math Packet