8th Grade News 2/27/20

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a good mid winter break.  The students all benefit from the time to rest and recharge!
1.  Catholic School acceptance letters have arrived.  Congratulations to all those receiving admission to the schools.  If you have any questions about the enrollment process, it is best to reach out to the individual schools.

2.  We have about 2 weeks left in this grading period.  Your students should be checking PowerSchool and making sure all their assignments are turned in.

3.  Lunchroom – If you student brings a lunch from home, they should bring any utensils needed to eat it.  We cannot supply forks and spoons for those who are not buying lunch.
4.  Lent:  We have entered the season of Lent and lots of great activities are planned to mark this time of preparation before Easter.
 –  Lenten Journals:  All upper school students have a Lenten Journal to complete.  The theme this year Virtues.  Each week, the students consider a different virtue to reflect on.  This week we are focusing on kindness.
–  Stations of the Cross:  8th graders will be attending Stations every Friday in Lent.  On Good Friday, April 10, they will be the leaders for the parish Stations of the Cross.  This is an important service to our parish and school community.  You are welcome to join us at noon in the church on April 10.
–  Service Projects:
—– Toiletry kits:  We are collecting items to create personal care kits.  Your students can bring in shampoo, soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other personal care items from now until Good Friday.
 —- On Good Friday, we will be collecting gently used household goods for St. Vincent de Paul.  Collections will happen before school, before Stations at noon and after school.
– 30 Pieces of Silver and Rice Bowl:  These collections support various charities and missions of the school and the church.  Encourage your student to earn some money to participate.
5.  Field Trip – coming up on March 24 – watch for permission slip soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!

8th Grade News 11/7/19

Dear families,

1.  Thank you to all who have already sent in teacher recommendation paperwork / emails for high school applications.  We will be working hard to gather transcripts, test scores and those recommendation letters about your wonderful children over the next few weeks.
2.  Celebrate St. Madeleine’s 2020:  April 25, 2020
   A.  We need a parent to be our auction art project volunteer.  8th grade has traditionally created a mirror surrounded by quotes that are important to our students.   You would help out as we research and decorate the mirror.  This is an easy volunteer effort!
   B.  See the flyer about the 50/50 challenge.  We are trying to collect gift cards and wine worth $25 or more by November 22.  You can drop them off at the school office or hand to a teacher in the pick up line.
3.  Thanksgiving boxes.  I sent out info yesterday.  We will be collecting all next week.  Let me know if there are any problems with your child’s assigned item.  If it causes a financial hardship, I am happy to pick up items myself.
Have a wonderful weekend!

8th Grade News 10/24/19

Dear families,

You should be very proud of the hard work your children did this week.  The results from the ITBS testing will be available at the Parent/Teacher/Student conferences in November.
I have enjoyed our high school conferences this month and want to express my thanks for your efforts to meet with me.
Notes for upcoming events:
1.  Halloween – Our party will be on Thursday, Oct 31 at 1:30 p.m.  Students will be able to change into appropriate costumes for the party.
You can sign up here to bring items or volunteer at the party:
2.  All Saints’ Day – The 8th graders did a great job visiting the St Theresa’s Guild as a dress rehearsal for next week.  All are invited to come and visit the Saints Museum after Mass next Friday, Nov 1.
3.  Taproot Theater – Nov 6 at 6:30 pm   This is a play, sponsored by the parish, that touches on themes of bullying.  Feel free to bring friends!

Newsletter 10/17/19

Dear families,
The rain has arrived!  It is a reminder that time is passing.  Our first trimester will be ending soon.  It would be a good time to have your student check into PowerSchool and make sure they are keeping up their grades and not behind on assignments.
Notes for the next couple weeks.
1.  ITBS – Next week, we are doing the standardized testing for the year.  By doing it early in the year, we can use the results to help guide instruction and make plans for the rest of the year.
Here is what you can do:  Make sure your child
   – Gets a good night sleep.
   – Eats a good breakfast.
   – Has a couple of #2 pencils.
   – Brings a calculator for Tuesday
   – Brings a book to read
Homework will be light this week since we want students to get a good night sleep.
2.  Halloween Party
   Thursday, Oct 31 at 1:30 pm.  Students  can change into their costume right before the party.  They cannot wear their costume the entire day.  Watch for a Sign Up Genius from the parent party planners.
3.  Thank you to all who have been coming to the high school conferences these last few weeks.  Hopefully these have helped with your high school planning.
4. Taproot Theater:  On Wednesday, Nov 6, Taproot Theater will be presenting a play.  See the attached flyer for more information.  All are welcome – bring your friends!
5.  Confirmation Meeting:  This Sunday, there will be an information meeting about Confirmation at 12:30 in the Social Hall (lunchroom).  If you have a student who would like to be confirmed, you may want to consider attending.

8th Grade News 10/10/19

Dear families,
Hopefully you received last Thursday’s packet but I am enclosing a scan of the newsletter and flyers.
I was out of school last Thursday and Friday (as were your kids!) for my annual Math conference.  It was a great time to learn about the latest research and network with other Math teachers.
I understand that Move a Thon was a great success.  There is still time to solicit donations for us to be able to meet our goal.
Also, on Thursday, our spring musical was announced.  We will be performing Frozen, Jr.  on May 13-14.  Mark your calendars!
Have a great week!

8th Grade News 10/3/19

Dear families,

October is going to be a great month!
1.  Move a thon is next Thursday!   Thank you to all families who have helped to make this a success.  One note:  I will not be at school on that day but my sub Sue Peck has lots of experience with the middle school at SMS.  She and Terry Maguire will help it be a great day for your students.
2.  Our annual Iowa testing is coming up on Oct 21-25.  The best way to prepare is to make sure your student has plenty of sleep, good nutritious food and some #2 pencils!
3.  High School:
A.  Thank you to all who have signed up for a high school conference with me.  If you haven’t, there are still slots available.  Let me know if these times do not work for you and I can find another time.
B.  There are a few Information Nights for high schools next week!
C.  Open Houses start soon!
4. Confirmation – The age of confirmation is moving down and an information meeting will be held on Sunday, Oct 20.  If you want your child confirmed in the Catholic church, plan on attending to learn more about the process.  There is a flyer attached about this meeting.
5.  Watch for information from your room parent about the Halloween party on Oct 31.   Please help your child choose an appropriate costume for the party.
6.  Finally, the entire 8th grade met dress code for the month of September and will enjoy a non-Uniform day tomorrow!  Great work 8th grade!

8th Grade News 9/26/19

Good afternoon families!
September has flown by!
1.  Move a thon – Coming up soon on Oct 10.   See the newsletter attached for more information.
2.  Math Games – Seattle Prep hosts a friendly Math competition for 8th graders each year.   If we have at least 3 interested students, we can enter a team.  I have spoken to the students.  If your student wants to be part of this, please let me know as soon as possible.  I have to register by the end of next week.  It is set for Saturday, Oct 26 from 1-4 pm.
3.  High School
Thank you to everyone who has notified me of the shadow days for your students.  There is still time to sign up at individual high schools.

It is time to start scheduling high school planning conferences with me.   I have put aside a few dates and times and you can sign up for one using this link:

 If none of these dates or times work for you, just let me know and we can find another time.
Have a great week!

Robotics Links – Winter Session

Basic build:



Winter Goals:


Class News – October 25, 2015

Good evening parents!

Notes for the next couple weeks.
1.  ITBS – This is the week we are doing the standardized testing for the year.  By doing it early in the year, we can use the results to help guide instruction and make plans for the rest of the year.
Here is what you can do:  Make sure your child
   – Gets a good night sleep.
   – Eats a good breakfast.
   – Has a couple of #2 pencils.
   – Brings a calculator for Tuesday
   – Brings a book to read
Homework will be light this week since we want students to get a good night sleep.  No new homework will be assigned Mon – Wed.  They may receive homework on Thursday or Friday due next week.
2.  Halloween Party
   Friday at 2 pm.  Students have free dress on Friday and can change into their costume at 2.  They cannot wear their costume the entire day.
3.  Move A Thon
   Friday is the last day to turn in donations.  We are still not at our goal yet.  I would at least like to have 100% participation so if your family hasn’t contributed yet, please consider it.
Have a good week!

Homeroom News – October 12, 2015

Dear families,

The year is going by so quickly!  Someone mentioned that we are already 10% done with the school year!

Notes for the next couple weeks:

  1. Move A Thon:

Last Friday was a great event!  Even with sprinkles, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of moving!  Last I checked, 8th grade is still leading the school and only about $600 away from our class goal.  A few families haven’t participated yet and I would love to see 100% participation!  I can smell the pizza for our class party when we meet our goal!  You have until Oct 30 to get in pledges.

  1. High School:

A few dates coming up

Nov 20:  Teacher Recommendation Forms are due to SMS so that we have time to thoughtfully fill these out.  It takes time to fill these out and get all the other paperwork together to send into the high schools.

Regional Nights:  There are 2 more this week if you didn’t make the one at St. Louise last week.  http://www.seattlecatholichighschools.com/regional-nights.html

Open Houses:  Several of these are happening in the next 2-3 weeks.  Please check here for dates for each school:


Entrance Exams:  Try for Nov or Dec exams so that results are back quickly.   Register early if you need testing accommodations.

ISEE (Murphy, Blanchet, Eastside Catholic, Forest Ridge, Seattle Prep):

Register by Oct 24 for Nov 14 exam

Register by Nov 14 for Dec 5 exam

Register by Dec 19 for Jan 9 exam

Holy Names – private exam

Register by Dec 6 for Dec 13-14 exam

HSPT (Kennedy)

Register before day of exam for Nov 14-15

TerraNova (O’Dea)

Register by ??  For Dec 5 or Dec 12 exam

In a couple weeks, I will be sending a form home for you to fill out with your plans for the application process.  Please return it even if your child is attending public school so we can have it for our records.

  1. Halloween:

We will be having a Halloween party on Oct 30 during the last period of the day.  That means no electives on that day.  For band students, the band teacher will be here but you have the option to skip band that day for the party if you and your parents wish.

Our room parent, Susan, will be sending out a Sign Up Genius email for contributions to the party.  Parents are welcome to come but you must sign in at the office and get a visitor badge.

Students will be able to change into costumes at the beginning of the party.

Here is information from Mr. Sherman about costumes to keep in mind:

You have received specific information about our observance of Halloween from your child’s teacher.  In it, you’ll find that our first priority is always safety and simplicity, balanced with schoolwork and a good measure of fun.  This is considered a free dress day with the Handbook free dress policy in effect.

If part of the day in your child’s particular classroom includes costumes, remember that choices should be reflective of our mission and philosophy.  That’s not to say that the traditional ghosts and devils and witches are out, but the more gruesome and negative things (as well as accessories that might cause injury or are easily broken) should be left at home.  Please do not send all sorts of masks, weapons and accessories, as inevitably they will be lost.  I’m not anticipating this to be a problem, but if you have any questions at all, please make sure to give us a call.  PK students are able to wear their SIMPLE costumes to school.  All other rooms will be putting them on at school.  The decision is up to the teacher.  Remember, for grades K-8, free dress does NOT mean wearing a costume to school.

  1. Finally, we are so happy that Malia will be back at school this week!

In case you didn’t know, Malia broke her leg and had surgery last week.

Your children have been so supportive of her and are excited to welcome her back.  They will have the opportunity to live out the SLE of Serve as they assist her.

Have a great week!