Newsletter 10/21/18

Good evening parents!
It has been a long week.  In case your students haven’t told you, I was out of school last week.  I had a death in the family and had to fly to Texas for the first part of the week.   Then, on Thursday and Friday, I was in Whistler for my annual Math conference where I could network with other Math teachers and learn about new and best practices in teaching Math.
Since I have not been at school, I haven’t seen the latest school newsletter.  I will scan it tomorrow and send it out in case it didn’t make it home.

Notes for the next couple weeks.
1.  ITBS – This is the week we are doing the standardized testing for the year.  By doing it early in the year, we can use the results to help guide instruction and make plans for the rest of the year.
Here is what you can do:  Make sure your child
   – Gets a good night sleep.
   – Eats a good breakfast.
   – Has a couple of #2 pencils.
   – Brings a calculator for Tuesday
   – Brings a book to read
Homework will be light this week since we want students to get a good night sleep.
2.  Halloween Party
   Wednesday, Oct 31 at 1:15 pm.  Students  can change into their costume at the party.  They cannot wear their costume the entire day.  Watch for a Sign Up Genius from the parent party planners.
3.  It is time to get those transcript requests and teacher recommendation forms to us if you haven’t already.  They are due by Friday, November 16 at St. Madeleine.  You can drop off in the office or at my room.
Have a good evening!