Class News – October 25, 2015

Good evening parents!

Notes for the next couple weeks.
1.  ITBS – This is the week we are doing the standardized testing for the year.  By doing it early in the year, we can use the results to help guide instruction and make plans for the rest of the year.
Here is what you can do:  Make sure your child
   – Gets a good night sleep.
   – Eats a good breakfast.
   – Has a couple of #2 pencils.
   – Brings a calculator for Tuesday
   – Brings a book to read
Homework will be light this week since we want students to get a good night sleep.  No new homework will be assigned Mon – Wed.  They may receive homework on Thursday or Friday due next week.
2.  Halloween Party
   Friday at 2 pm.  Students have free dress on Friday and can change into their costume at 2.  They cannot wear their costume the entire day.
3.  Move A Thon
   Friday is the last day to turn in donations.  We are still not at our goal yet.  I would at least like to have 100% participation so if your family hasn’t contributed yet, please consider it.
Have a good week!